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Sabang is a small island, this region belong to Aceh province.
They laid in the northest part of Indonesia. From this island,
the Republic of Indonesia has started to count from zero kilometre,
and streched straight over 12.000 island to the east.

Breathtaking view over Sabang hill

Breathtaking view over Sabang hill

Ive already stay in Banda Aceh since the last 4 days ago from Jakarta by regular flight. (Banda Aceh are the capital city of Aceh province). One last morning at Banda Aceh, we get up earlier. We need to catch up the speed boat at Ulee Lhee harbour. The destination, we heading to Sabang island. Sabang or also known as Weh Island are one of the favourite destination for divers from all of the world. The wonder of Sabang not only from the beautifull landscape, buat also under the sea. So, if we have a trip here, better you packed the diving stuff: googles, fins, and also under water camera. Its a heaven at the land and under the sea. The speed boat are not bad. A large high speed vessel with capacity more than 40 passeger, fully air condition, clean, and looks like manintained well. I was see only half the totall capacity has already booked. Some of the passanger has take one seat for one person, and take a nap. Actually from Banda Aceh we also can get a shuttle ferry. If we ride a car, we better take ferry boat. Slow, but it carry people, trucks and auto mobile. I cant enough patient with a slow boat :-) So my choice goes to high speed boat. It cut half of the totall time trip from Banda Aceh to Sabang.
After 2 hour trip accross wide sea, we see Sabang island from a distance. The sea surface was calm and we got a nice cruising under the bright morning sun. Blue sky above my head like the giant blue umberella. My eyes rolled all over watching the island. Its unpopulated island, and not really a small one. Sabang quite big i think. The size maybe a half size of Bali island. But compared with Bali, this island are less populated, really a quite island by means.

Favourite spots:
The view over Aneuk Laot.

The view over Aneuk Laot.

Sabang island itself offers a great scenic area. From the harbour, just prepared your camera gear. Stop a while at Aneuk Laot up hill (Aneuk Laot means: Son of the sea). The best view i think close with 15.00 at noon because the sun goes directly from right sides. If you have a chance, try to make a short tour into Aneuk Laot village. Up there we can see a large beautifull and peacefull bay loaded with bright sun.

What's really great:
High speed vessel on Sabang port

High speed vessel on Sabang port

Soon we hit the Sabang harbour, and my rent-car has already take us away. From harbour, we have riding 30minutes to get into the city with slow speed. Along the trip, i ve been thinking, my god the street are so empty and quiet! I only see a few motorbike or car passing. And thats all. Where other people? The Sabang city are the only one city in this island. Small town, really. We cant see super mall here. But the town itself really nice and facing to the sea, going up the the hill. At city downtown, i started to see 'a real life'. Motorbike everywhere, but i swear no traffic jammed. The weather are so clean. We cant get this fresh air in other populated city and Sabang offers a healty fresh air, and also a peacefull state of mind.

City downtown with a quiet traffic

City downtown with a quiet traffic

Theres one famous monument in Sabang called: "Titik Nol Kilometer". Starting from this monument, they start to count "a zero kilometre". This point are important part to meassure how long the Republic of Indonesia when it streched from west to east over 12,000 island. Hmmm... really really long. (Java island itself measured about 1500 km from west to east)

When the world have no sound at all.

When the world have no sound at all.

Sabang offers smal and cheap hostel. There's five and more hostel, placed arround the city downtown. Rate only $US 3 until $US 10/ night. Because it cheap, so dont expected more of luxury. No restaurant, no telephone cable connected to the room, and no 24hours room service, just help yourself.
But Sabang not just a buck of cheap hostel. They got a fine hotel, called: The Sabang Hill Hotel. For one night stay, they charged arround Rp.500,000 (or $us 50) to $US 100. What i like to stay here, because the location are trully great! The view from upper hill are breath taking! Very quite and a bit far from the city centre. I recommended this place because i didnt regret to stay here again.
The other best place are, GAPANG beach cottages. Located almost 15 km away from the city, really far away from civilization. The price almost the same with Sabang Hill Hotel. This cottages usually loaded with divers from all over the world.

This island have no discos, gogo's club whatsoever. Even, no karaokes club in public area.

This is a really bad news for clubbers, dont you :-))

Open air coffee shop near Sabang beach

Open air coffee shop near Sabang beach

No fancy and good restaurant. But in GAPANG beach cottages and SABANG HILL hotel, we can ordered european food.

Dont forget to try the Aceh Coffee.
Tastefull and really deliciousssss. I love it!
Acehnesse are really loves coffee. We see hundreds of kedai kopi or coffee shop, open daily, some are open 24 hour. This is a home for coffee enthusiast, like myself :-))

Other recommendations:
This note are not really a recommendations. Because i recieve so many question about tsunami, so i need to put short notes here.

Sabang city were free from giant waves when tsunami strike at Decembre last year. The other part of the island were hit bad, but that area was absolutely unpopulated. So no people die, and no damage building. Thank God.

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